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Cat food poll

After reading dwildchil's post about a cat trying to eat a string bean, I thought I would ask... what do you feed to your cat, and what does your cat like to eat?

Shan's favorite food is chocolate icing, and he is known to favor maraschino cherries.
Russell's favorite food is steak, with fruit as a close second.
Pico's favorite food is the water out of canned tuna.
Maximus's favorite food is... what food? Give me scritchers! (He is the biggest/fattest cat we have, but I don't think he has an eat-through-the-bag favorite food.)

Poll #995335 Cat food choices

What non-commercial cat food do you deliberately feed to your cat?

frozen chicken wings (uncooked, of course)
raw steak
fish (raw or cooked)
other (please explain)

What non-cat-food do you deliberately feed/offer to your cat?

What non-cat-food does your cat eat even though you didn't offer?

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