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Goat update, part 2

Dr. Vandrey has come and gone. All of the goats who might go to the show were looked over and blessed with the all-important Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health papers). The babies all have their shots and tags. Sybel and Creslin squirmed a bit during the exam, but theirs was mostly a token protest. Arthur screamed bloody murder when I picked him up, and thrashed and hollered and carried on the entire time like he was doing the last take in a shark attack scene. Ria hollered as well, but didn't fight all that much. Lerris was a pretty good boy and put up a token protest like the twins.

This morning I played host to the lady who had planned on purchasing Rae. She might be interested in purchasing others of my sale list, but I'm not going to be pushy about it. She looked over the goats and pet the boys while we chatted. Loki was quite obliging about pettings, of course.

The day has just flown by. Of my whole list of things to get accomplished today, I've gotten only three things done. Argh. Well, I'm off to the dump and Manassas for an oil change and hopefully to get Mom's birthday presents.

Oh, and I took some more goat photos. I'll try to get them posted soon.
Tags: angoras, kids, vet_visits

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