a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Riverdance (the short review)

Riverdance was better and different than I thought. Rather than sitting through two hours of the march of the tin soldiers, it was a collage of step dancing and its influences on other dancing styles. There were six fantastic Russian folk dancers and a pretty darn good flamenco dancer. The dance pieces alternated with either vocal or instrumental pieces.

The female step dancer lead was very good. The male step dancer lead took longer to establish a rapport with the audience. I especially enjoyed the bel canto soprano, though she looked like the Irish undead. The costumes were pretty and nice and interesting, except for the 1800s potato famine country costumes. The Irish undead woman looked horrible, and no one looked very good. I appreciated that the female step dancers all had their hair down and pulled back by barrettes rather than up like in ballet. It gave the dances more life and a touch more... ethnicity?... in a weird way.

The soft-shoe/tap vs. step dancers were fun to watch. We likened it to the opening of West Side Story dance fighting, though this was definitely in fun. They built up a good audience participation too.

And I bought a t-shirt.
Tags: music, theater

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