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I shouldn't still be up (goat show/travel day)

Today was an amazingly long and productive day. I need to remember how much better today was than I expected. Going to the goat show a day early meant I was way more relaxed and slightly more organized about the whole thing.

Besides not being rushed about getting packed up for the goat show, I also got in some gardening, laundry, fence-fixing, a run to the co-op, and other odds and ends. The new tow-chain from achaosofkitten's friend worked as advertised and got the trailer pulled 90 degrees/out of its seasons-long tire divots so that I could hook it up to my father-in-law's truck. As I was finishing deworming those who needed it, Tcepsa showed to help goat-wrangle - up right on time. Beside Sashimi first going nuts and scraping past tcepsa (and scraping up tcepsa) and then turning around and deciding that she was going to the show with her daughter, darnit and self-loading into the trailer... twice... things went very well.

The drive to Lewisburg was totally uneventful. (Yay!) I had everything I needed to set up the goat pens. I got help from two other folks on the unloading side of things, and everyone went where they were supposed to go. The actual show events start tomorrow noonish with a class on goat evaluation.

Yay goat show. Good night. *zzzzzzzzzzz*
Tags: angoras, travel, vagma

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