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Goat show Friday report

I didn't post last night because I had a huge sinus headache and had suffered the fun of hypoglycimia in front of 17 people. I'm usually a snacky person. Yesterday I had lunch at 11 AM and then didn't eat again until 8. I finally went to the sweets stand at the restaurant and bought myself a chocolate-n-nut thingy to get my energy level back up before I threw up on everyone.

Yesterday was the judge's talk on evaluating angora goats. He's a Texas A&M extension officer for all kinds of sheep and goats, so he had a broader range of goat analogies than I expected. He threw in comments about Boer goats a lot. Regardless, he is an educated and articulate guy with a Texan style of presentation and a great deal of patience for everyone's questions. He talked about the history of angoras as a commercial enterprise, and what kind of a future he expected to see. (He also had some funny things to say about some of our past judges!)

As far as indicators point, I do not think that I will do very well at the show today. He is very interested in crimp/curl, and my goats are wavy rather than curly. He is also looking for size; my goats are all on the small side except for Dru, who is plain fat. However, this doesn't dampen my enthusiasm all that much. I am interested to see how my goats stack up against other goats regardless of who is making the choices. I am also interested to hear any positives he might throw my way and see if those are the same things that I care the most about in my goats.
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