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Goat show: results and discussion

Ladies and Gentlemen (and assorted other random LJ-passers-by)!

The results of the 16th Annual VAGMA Goat Show - Colored Angora Goat Competition are in, and I am quite satisfied. As I mentioned yesterday, the judge was very interested in big wide goats (which mine mostly aren't) as well as fleece consistency (which some of mine are). I still haven't placed first in anything, but that's OK.

Senior Kid Buck (born before 2/28/07) - Lerris placed 7th out of 10.
Yearling Buck - Madison placed 3rd out of 4.
Adult Buck - Loki placed 3rd out of 3.
... It should be noted that Kid Hollow Farm swept the colored buck competition, with a first place goat in all four classes as well as Grand and Reserve Champion...
Senior Kid Doe (born before 2/28/07) - Ria placed 2nd out of 3.
Yearling Doe - Mona placed 2nd, Dahlia placed 3rd, Anna placed 4th out of 11. --This is where the big grin on my face is explained-- (Alys placed 9th.)
Breeder's Flock - Ria, Lerris and Anna placed 3rd out of 3.
"Red Card" buck kids (white goats from colored parents) - Arthur and Creslin placed 5th and 6th out of 6.
"Red Card" buck adults - Justin placed 2nd out of 2.

As I said, the judge was not impressed with the general size of my goats, especially my boys. They just aren't as tall and long bodied as other goats here. What he did like was the solidness of my goats, and the fineness and consistent quality of their hair underneath the scruffy exteriors. When you part the mohair right down to the skin, my goats have fairly even waves all the way from tip to base of each curl, and are reasonably uniform in texture from shoulder to rear end.

The yearling doe scores make me very happy for two reasons. One reason is that it gives some validation to my purchase of Mona and Dahlia from Gretta last year. The other reason is that, if I had not shown Mona and Dahlia, Anna would have placed second again as a yearling like she did as a senior kid. The most interesting thing about consistent quality over time is that Anna placed a mental second to the same doe that took first place over her last year. Two judges in a row found Chantilly (Pat & Steve's redhead doe) to be the best, and Anna to be a short scruffy hornless but oddly well-haired second. Yay for us both! I'm so incredibly pleased with this result. **happy dance**

So, where was Dru or Sybel in all of this? They were already gone off to their new home. They were sold and loaded and left even before the show started today. I was not going to stop a sale just to compete them in the adult doe and red card doe classes. I'm very happy to have sold them to lower my numbers, and I am extremely happy to have sold them to a woman who wants a small spinning/pet flock. Dru and Sybel went off with two wethered yearlings from Kid Hollow Farm. Both Pat and I gave the woman our cards and told her to call if she had any issues.

I think that's all the news from today on my goats. I'll see about getting the photos from our photographer gent later on in the week once he's gotten home too.
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