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Yes, ladies and gents, it's that time again already. In case you were thinking that this post title looks somewhat familiar, be assured that it is very familiar. The mountains around the Cabin are going up in flames again, though so far only in tiny sections. Last year the Cabin escaped the Bassetts fire by less than a half a mile.

Good Morning,

Lots of activity yesterday - July 10th - you should know about. The weather did NOT cooperate and a large lightning storm traveled through the Sierras in the afternoon. Numerous lightning caused fires were started. Because of the very active season, getting information has been good and bad - good in that a lot of sites have been set up and are providing information about the fires, bad because there are so many fires, the agencies are sorting the fires by size and danger then passing along just the "important" information.

Apparently, two or three fires started in the Lakes Basin below Sierra Buttes, one contained... that is all the information available this morning in the news. A phone call to Bassetts fills in the gap: Carol just finished feeding 18 tired firefighters this morning in Bassetts. Deadman's Peak has a fire up in the rocks which is being watched but not attacked because of its location- it is expected to burn out on its own. One fire is above Salmon Lake and is being aggressively attacked. Another was put out with one bomber drop.
my comment: Deadman's is across the river from the Cabin, and can be seen from the front porch.

Loyalton - Sierra Brooks subdivision had a snag blow up from a strike but it was quickly contained.

The Ball Fire (the second, same are last year) started around five in the afternoon west and north of Bordertown on N. 395, about 10 miles west of Loyalton. This is Long Valley and it burns hot and fast when it does burn. The fire took out some of the rail cars that were in dry storage on the siding along the highway, but nothing else has been reported damaged. There were numerous other fires started around Hallelujah Junction that I imagine have joined up. The smoke in Reno is fairly heavy and doesn't show any signs of clearing. The fire went to an Incident Management Team II this morning (read - lots of resources going into the fire).

The Antelope Fire is still going and providing a lot of smoke in the Sierras. The reporting on this fire is in its sixth day and pretty extensive on the web.

If you're heading the Lakes Basin for the weekend - be aware that the threat level is very high. Smoke is going to hamper a lot of people with respiratory problems in the Truckee Meadows (if you travel through there) - I woke up this morning pretty slowly and with a lot of discomfort. The smoke will go into Sierra Valley and the mountains too. The Highway Patrol are escorting traffic on 395 N near Bordertown so expect delays in travel.

Today will be another exciting climatic event...

Stay cool,


Current information can be found at http://www.yubanet.com/fire.shtml

As of 9:49 AM PDT, the statistics were such:
411 lightening strikes were recorded (strikes map). As of 8:00 pm (7/10/07) 25 fires were reported on the Tahoe National Forest, ten of which are contained.
-- East of Sierraville/Truckee - 21 fires - 4 are contained, several are in remote areas with smoke jumpers on the way.
-- Sierra Buttes area - 3 fires - 1 contained.
-- The largest fire so far was 3-5 acres near Sierra Brooks subdivision south of Loyalton. Fire crews worked through the night to get a line around the existing fires and if new ones are located. Additional smokes are possible tomorrow as temperatures heat up.

The Balls Canyon (NV) is ten miles west of Loyalton, CA and is 900 acres and 5% contained. Evacuations are in effect. Numerous structures, the Union Pacific Railroad and powerlines supplying the city of Reno are threatened. Highway 395 was closed. My comment: I think that should be "east" if it is in NV. 395 is the only real road from Reno to the Cabin.

The Antelope Complex (CA) is located twenty miles northeast of Quincy, CA and is 22,529 acres and 53% contained. Evacuations remain in effect. incident info

Another one is here.

Local chatter can be read on the Sierra City Message Board.
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