a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

General goat update

We moved all the goats up to the front field last night (before dark). We were having some trouble getting them to go all the way across the yard, even when I was shaking the Bucket O' Bribery and calling them. The solution turned out to let Summer-goat start eating and then walk to the other field slowly while she was eating. When the other goats saw Summer eating, they were more interested in the competition to get their heads in the bucket than where we were going. Surprise! We're all the way across the yard and you have a new field. Ta-Da!

Because goats can count, we are hoping that having all of them in the same field will cut down on the anxiousness displayed last time when we tried half-front, half-back. We are also hoping that they do some major lawnmowing, because that field is way overgrown.

The baby goats are having some trouble with the concept of a sloped object. We left the dogloo in that field, and they keep trying to jump on top of it. However, it's a curve so it's Thump!Slide! Thump!Slide! as the kids challenge the glass mountain again.

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