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General GCF farm-n-stuff update

The goats are all doing fine. I had a weird scattered incident of scours last week (2 out of 5, 2 out of 6, none out of 8) but no one seems to be continually suffering. I checked and dewormed those who were scouring and those who needed it, which seemed to clean up the problem. I still need to wash off Crystal and Summer, but that's not high on my list of things to do to/for them.

I noticed this morning that Ria is still nursing. I'm going to have to wean her sooner or later, so will probably swap Sashimi (her mother) with Summer (chronically picked on) as soon as I have an opportunity. Yes, this will cause the hollering that I was trying to avoid when I put Sashimi back in with Ria. One way to cut down the yelling would be to swap the big girls and the big boys so that Sashimi shares a fenceline with her daughter, but that's a lot more work than I want to deal with at the moment. (Edited to add: No, gsh, I will not powerwash the goats.)

And talking about goats, the VAGMA board meeting was at my place on Saturday. We had a lot to talk about from our recent show to the upcoming shows in NC and NY. It was a surprisingly good meeting for airing some real concerns about the June VAGMA show. (I'm not going into details here.) My first edition of the VAGMA newsletter is, of course, going to be late getting out the door. I'm not stressed about it though. It's in good shape; I'm waiting on content - the President's message and the treasurer's report - and I was also waiting on the just-completed meeting.

I got my CAGBA newsletter a while ago, but only really read it yesterday. There are a bunch of things I need to do - ballot, National Show signups, National Show donations. I filled everything out, but still need to get it all to the mail before the deadlines. I also need to decide on who I'm taking to the NY show because those forms are due September 1. Because of shearing requirements, I'm probably only taking Ria and Lerris, which means I won't need to borrow a truck. Those two can ride in the dog crate(s) in the car.

Lastly, my Etsy store has started small but well. I have had one very nice customer so far (and one nice/useful feedback comment from a stranger stopping by the store). I need to start advertising on sellingfiber.
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