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Yarn dying experiment #1 - some photos

I consider yesterday's yarn dye experiment to be a complete success. jude, here are the photos you requested, complete with a short commentary. You'd be interested to know that the yarn rinsed out clean immediately; I didn't actually have to wash anything. Of course, I'll wash whatever I make from the yarn just to remove the vinegar smell.

My first yarn dye experiment - post 2nd color My first yarn dye experiment - post 2nd color
This is after the yarn has sat in the water all day, taking up the maroon color.
irregular take-up irregular take-up
Here is a view of both balls of yarn, illustrating the irregular takeup even along the bottom of the balls.
Winding off the yarn Winding off the yarn
You can see that there was even less take-up in the center/equator of the yarn ball.
before and after before and after
One dyed yarn in ball form, the other on the niddy-noddy. Note how much more white is evident once the ball is unwound.

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