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Quick goat update - not just parasites

The vet came by yesterday. It turns out that Arthur wasn't suffering only from anemia caused by heavy parasite loads . He was also suffering from a moderate case of chronic malnutrition for which he had completely compensated by slowing down his metabolism and activities. (This comes from being the littlest one and giving up trying to fight for food.)

Yes, he was very weak. Yes, if I hadn't dewormed him, the record-setting heat might have killed him. However, the scientifically interesting thing is that he was in better shape than he should have been because of that metabolic slowdown. He wasn't scouring; he wasn't in acute distress, and he very well might recovered without further intervention than the antihelemics. Of course, since the vet did come by, Arthur got a shot of selenium, a shot of B vitamins, and the vet left me some QuickStart to help get his fat content up a bit faster. And we've also got broccoli and spinach for him.

Basically, the expectation is that he will have a very slow but steady recovery from here. Cross your fingers and eat your spinach!

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