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Cabin: a distinct lack of fire (and a grant to make that so!)

Haskell Creek won the fire clearance grant!

Dear Everybody ... Our hard work, working together with our FS representatives and sheer perseverance has paid off!!! The FS application for a RAC Grant to do biomass fuel reduction AROUND the Haskell Creek Tract was awarded today. It will take some time before the money actually gets to the office, but the work will be done by FS hot shot crews in the spring before fire season starts ... and the spotted owl decides to nest. Actually, if you have noticed, with the forest canopy cleared at Haskell, we have more hawks and more owls. They now have open space to hunt in.

Biomass fuel, ladder fuels and downed trees will be removed from the area along the highway, north and east of the Tract. Trees will not be touched unless they are dead and would fall, creating more fuel. This will help protect the Tract from fires originating in the forest ... and the forest around us from fires originating within the Tract ... which we hope will never happen.

All I can say at this point is ..... Whee! We made our point, and we got our defensible space grant ... what else can I say. Heather has really worked for us these past two years on this. She was as excited as I was when she called. Now she has to get to work to get the Carvin Creek, Clark Station and SF State Station to work with her on grants to do clearance around their tracts.

We take these things one step at a time, and this is one giant step for Haskell ...
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