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Shearing yesterday

Work is insane today, of course, so here's my post straight from e-mail.

Thank you all for coming out to Giant Cricket Farm for shearing day, navigated and narrated by Anne Shroeder of Star Gazing Farm! I appreciate the amazing amount of participation and interest from everyone, especially since I did not plan on having to take two conference calls for work! (Thanks for keeping me on time for that second one, C!)

C, thanks for your consistent presence picking up fleece. You didn't have a lot to say, but your actions definitely count. L, P and J - thanks for staying to the bitter end. We got shearing done and completely picked up before the rain came, and that counts for a *lot* for me. Anne, thanks for giving J the opportunity for a hands-on class on Madison, Loki and Jared. J - You are now going to be my right-hand man for shearing - you've got quite the skill for a beginner!

And look at the weather today! We sheared at exactly the right time and place. I left all of the goats in the big barn last night, so they were all dry and warm this morning after the pounding thunderstorm. They were annoyed at me this morning, to be sure, but they are doing fine. And they will be much happier goats when the weather warms back up at the end of the week.

Have a great week, everyone!
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