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Phone book recall; quest for contact information

--- with a small argh and big puppy dog eyes ---

My cell phone phonebook had be reset to May 18th. If you gave me any contact information since then, it's gone. This specifically applies to tamnonlinear, sihaya09, lavender_liz, all the OTP'ers, the youvebeenpixied, and the Tuesday night group.

And since I'm asking... if anyone wants to be kind and send me his/her/their full contact information, I'd love to have the chance to update my real address book and my e-mail addresses too. If you are feeling bored, merciful, etc. please post it here or send me an e-mail at reedrover at livejournal dot com.


ETA from a comment made later:

The Sunday of Labor Day weekend, I washed my phone. On Labor Day, I took the near-dead phone to the Manassas Verizon store. Two hours and three technicians later, they handed my phone back to me with the admonition that I needed a new battery. Beside a tiny buzz in the ear/speaker, there seems to be no issue with it in its resurrected form.

Also, since the washing or shorted out battery had erased my phone book, they reloaded it again from my horribly obsolete previous phone. -- Thus proving that you should never throw anything away or remove it from its regular habitat. Because I'm a pack rat (and lazy) that phone had been riding around in my car (with its obsolete charger) ever since I got the new phone, waiting for me to donate it to the police.
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