a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

My summary response to some of this week's LJ

::clears throat::

I shall now be reading from the volumes of The Bujold, from the book Paladin of Souls, chapters 22 and 28.


"I am old enough to have many regrets. I've made my share of mistakes, some... hideous indeed, as you well know. But it was the little, easy things - the kisses I did not give, and the love I did not speak, because there was no time, no place - and then, no chance... Surprisingly sharp sorrows those are, for their size..."

"... the gods did not desire flawless souls, but great ones. I think that very darkness is where the greatness grows from, as flowers from the soil. I am not sure, in fact, if greatness can bloom without it. You have been as god-touched as any here; do not despair of yourself, for I think the gods have not."

.... This has been a reading from the volumes of Bujold.
Go out into the night and dance in the rain. Go out in the morning and sing to the sun. Spread your arms wide in the agonizing glory that is your curse and gift: you have life, soul and spirit. Open your soul and find your touch of god in the midst of despair. Release your sorrows and embrace your greatness. Strive to be that blaze of glory.

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