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Goat and fiber update

The goats are doing great. Lerris and Cookie are using the creep feeder as the anti-Sancho area. And since I'm feeding them kid chow in there, they are very happy to see me in the mornings.

Loki and Jared are starting to sing. It's definitely breeding time. Goldie ended up in the same area as Cookie (no worries; I knew it would happen), and showed her fantastic flirt-like-a-fifth-grader technique. "I like you" SMACK "You're cute" WHAP. Cookie bravely took a couple of hits, but then retreated back into the creep feeder.

I hope to hear from OVNF about last spring's roving order soonish, because I'm expecting to hear about this fall's order from Bailey's Fjords soon too. I'm about 20 rows from finished with a triangle shawl that I made out of two-ply from a roving similar to this set but with 20% wool added.

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