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Mona goat vaguely sick; murphy's law in effect

One of the only signs of sickness or injury in angoras that is prior to the goat lying flat on the ground is teeth-grinding.

Mona-goat appears sick. She was grinding her teeth and uninterested in food this morning. I offered her sweet feed but she only nosed it around. She wasn't particularly poopy, but her breath wasn't the typical sweet/grassy smell I expected, so my first thought was that she had a bit of a bellyache from eating something wrong. Also, her back wasn't obviously arched in pain, but her tail was horizontal. (Down = very unhappy, Up = normal)

I pulled some hair out of her teeth, dewormed her, and squirted about 30 ml of NutriGoat with a bit of ProBios in it on her face and in her mouth - hopefully enough actually got into her system to give her a bit of a boost. And I'll be home before dark today so I will be able to examine her in natural light vs. this morning's flashlight inspection.

In the fun of dealing with her this morning a lot of little things went wrong. The only thing worth mentioning is that I ended up squirting NutriGoat on the wall above the kitchen window, which is why the step ladder is in the kitchen now. But hey, let's hear it for glossy paint - the molasses wiped right off the wall with a damp rag.

Update: I'm not home yet, but CK is. He reports that "she bit me!" In other words, Mona-goat is up and alert and looking for treats like usual. I will visit her when I get home, but it looks like whatever her bellyache was, it was temporary.
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