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Goat remix (time to start baby making)

Yesterday we started our goaty activities by letting the boys into the underbrush by the driveway. While they were munching away, we worked on finishing the cleaning & preparation of the right half of the big barn. A few hours of pitchfork and rake, a wall rehanging, and a zillion front-loader trips, resulted in a happy half of the barn. We worked on the removal of another huge mound of old bedding from the right stall. Then CK trundled back and forth with about 3 tons of sand that I shoveled into some kind of vaguely even distribution as flooring. The purpose of the sand is to keep the barn cleaner and better drained underneath the fallen hay/straw, and to make it easier to remove said hay/straw when necessary.

We then mixed the boys and girls into their fall breeding groups. Jared now has Goldie, Jessie, Sashimi and Dahlia for company. Loki is wooing Crystal. I know that breeding is never a sure thing. However, my hopes/plans are:
  • Goldie will either be sold while pregnant or give me red kids.
  • Jessie will give me another fantastic single like Lerris, preferably a girl.
  • Sashimi will give me another fantastic single like Ria, preferably another girl.
  • Dahlia will debut on her maiden presentation with a fantastic single in the Ria pattern too. (No, she's not related to Sashimi, but she has the same recessive reverse-badger pattern.)
  • Crystal will either be sold while pregnant or produce spectacular red twins, thereby proving that Loki can sire viable offspring, and putting sprinkles on that by giving me strong color.

Sancho is by himself for a while. We moved him to the other half of the right side of the barn (yes, this makes sense to me) so that he is neither beating up on the little boys nor interfering with Jared or Loki's fall work. Sancho is sharing a fenceline with Jared's group as well as with the dog, so he will have plenty of local company. I just don't want him beating up on anyone for a while or interfering with the breeding boys. Once breeding time is over, I'll put him back with Jared and they can go back to their wild kingdom games.

As expected, Sashimi and Ria spent the evening hollering for each other across the yard. I did *not* put them back together this time. It's long past weaning time for Ria, and Sashimi should never have been in the little girl herd anyway. Also, Sashimi is now off to have another kid by Jared, and Ria is assuredly not invited into that group. Putting Ria in with Sancho to share a fenceline with her mom is unsafe at any speed. And the idea of Jared breeding Ria (incest at 6 months old!) is worse than listening to two hours of heartbreaking calls.
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