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Prepping for the Rhinebeck show

New York Sheep & Wool Festival is a week from Friday. I've gotten most of the coordination among my group of road-trippers done, and in a way that provides for maximum flexibility. Two cars should do just fine, and everyone is planning to bring snacks and drinks and anything else we might desire during the wee hours of the night.

The vet came yesterday afternoon for tests and health papers for Ria, Lerris, Justin and Madison. Because of the possibility that Justin may / certainty that Madison will stay in NY, I had to have them tested for TB. The vet will come back on Friday to read those test results. Also, the planned purchasers of Madison requested that he receive a CD&T booster. I dewormed and deloused all four goats (and their various pasture-mates as necessary). They need pedicures still, and then they will be all set for the trip.

As an aside... the vet was astonished at the good condition of our pastures. (I think they look terrible, but I've been informed otherwise.) I explained to him that we've been haying the goats since the rains stopped back in June, and we try really hard not to overgraze anyway because of parasite issues with the goats and erosion issues with the ground.

To Do for Rhinebeck list

Make dinner reservations for Friday. (Done. Calico.)
Print out local street maps.
Get VAGMA flyers printed up for giveaways at the show.
Check on the condition of the farm ID sign and the quantity of business cards.
Do up the NFS sign for Ria & Lerris.
Pack, etc...

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