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moved Dahlia

Dahlia was not thriving while she was in with the big girls and Jared, so I moved her back to the little girl herd this morning. I plan to do a full once-over on everyone on Sunday when I separate the boys back out. Hopefully Dahlia will have recovered some of her spirit by then. And if she turns out not to be pregnant, that's ok too. I'd rather she not be bred than be in poor condition all winter due to being picked on and pushed around.

Jared - Sashimi, Jessie, Goldie (was with Dahlia too).
Loki - Crystal
Sancho by himself
Boy herd - Justin, Cookie, Lerris
Girl herd - Summer, Mona, Alys, Anna, Ria (Dahlia now back in here with her sister Mona)

I have been contacted by a lady in Maryland who wants to board twin does with me for breeding by Loki in November. Her timing is good, given that I plan to remix everyone this weekend. I'm sure Loki won't mind an excuse to act like a total fool for another month.

I hope that things turn out well for her. The two does are red and didn't do well with recessive black. This would be their second kidding, so there shouldn't be any issues between them and Loki. We will hopefully confer about breeding lines to make sure we aren't getting too close for healthy genes.

Dahlia - Veraldaine, daisy, shasta, Pepe, Francis
Crystal - Persephone, something from Dark Crystal or Expecting Someone Taller
Tags: angoras, breeding

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