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The breeding season is over (for my does, anyway)

We remixed all of the does together tonight, and put them into the left side of the back field (that has the Pumpkin Plant of Doooooom) to clear out the 6 foot tall weeds. Sancho is back in with Jared, so now Sancho has a playmate again, and Jared has someone to spar with while he winds down from his aggression.

Loki is distraught at being all alone now, and is bashing the gate repeatedly to signal his unhappiness. I figure that is better than Loki bashing on the little boys in the next field over from him. Besides, Loki is only going to be on his own for a little while. Two foreign ladies (goats from Maryland) are coming to call on the 11th and will be leaving at the end of December.

BerryvilleShenandoah Fiber Festival was fun, if a bit brisk. That's the right size for an afternoon jaunt. I did lobby for a goat show to be included next year, though, for people who don't want to trek all the way to SAFF.
Tags: angoras, breeding, festivals

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