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goat wants and wanderings

The state of the goats on this entry into December is good.

Loki and his two temporary girlfriends are doing fine together. Blondie came back into heat on Friday, implying that the first go-round didn't take (but no guarantees). Justin spent most of his time trying to get through the fence to impress his interests on her. Loki thereby spent much of his time banging on the gate and fence to tell Justin to go away. Justin didn't get through the fence or gate from his side, but Loki ended up helping him by banging on the gate with an upsweep of his head that picked the gate up off of the hinges. I really dislike coming out of the house in the morning and seeing six goats where there should be three (and none of them are newborns). Regardless, Loki continued to do his job fending off Justin until I could put the gate back together and separate everyone again. Rather than have a repeat of that spectacle, I've pushed the baby boys up into the top right corner of the field, so now they have another fence between them and the obviously-unreliable gate.

The girls are all in one big group right now, but that is going to have to change soon. I'm starting to believe that Dahlia is pregnant, and I don't want the bigger goats beating up on her and stressing her out. My expected split is the typical big four / small six, but I may end up leaving Ria with her mother. Ria doesn't get beaten up much, and Sashimi makes sure that she gets plenty of food in relative peace.

Sancho has definitely come down a few pegs since he's been rooming with Jared. Jared is in charge now, no question about it. Jared is still in rut, mostly due to sharing a fenceline with all of the girls, five of whom should not be pregnant and are presumably cycling into heat on a regular basis. Sancho is Jared's only constant target of opportunity, which has caused Sancho to become very wary of Jared in all ways, from food to fencelines. Sancho has far more energy than Jared, but Jared has the testasterone-driven single-mindedness of a... well, goat, really. So far the only structural casualty in the back field has been one board around the door of the boys' stall, and that's ok.
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