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Food Review: Healthy Choice Meat Loaf (full meal)

Product: Healthy Choice Meat* Loaf (full meal)

Purchased from: Safeway

Reason: The photo did not have anything scary on it, and claimed to contain meat*.

Special features?: Nope.

Protein = 15g. Sodium = 590mg. Total Fat = 8g.

As advertised?: Completely. I was pleasantly surprised to find plain green beans in it.

And the verdict?: Good.

Did you finish eating it?: Yes.

Would you buy it again?: Yes. Not an A-plus, but certainly at the top of the list.

Is it good defense against a zombie?: Yes. With a full meal like this, I can outrun one!

* "Meat" in this case was listed in the ingredients as beef and pork. The meatloaf also contained "Rochester sauce," which I'm translating into "Worcestershire sauce."
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