a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

And while I'm at it - my friending guidelines

Welcome all.

If you want to "friend" me, feel free. I understand that public posts are just that, and you can read anything you can see.

If you want me to "friend" you in return, tell me why (who are you in real life, what connection we have, what you are doing reading my journal, etc.). No promises that I *will* add you, but it's nice to say hi.

If you are here for the ongoing saga of the goats, you don't need to ask for friend-reading permissions. Nearly all my goat posts are public, as the photos.

... and a few negative things:

There are aspects of my life which are not discussed in my journal in any form, are referred to obliquely, or are re-framed so as to not implicate anyone else. Anyone discovered discussing my private life with my real or LJ name will be hunted down and chastised in a not-fun way.

If you are already on my #### list for inappropriate comments and you show up in the comments here, I will assuredly take the time to lavish attention on you and ban you from my journal.

... and have a nice day!

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