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goats and slacker spinning

I was at a quilt store last night to pick up some software for my mother in law, and felt that crafting urge. Where is my sewing machine? Surely I could make just one project. It wouldn't take tooooo much time away from...

1. the barn. It is long past time to finish cleaning out the left side of the barn and putting down the new sand for flooring.

2. the goats. I need to move Sancho and Jared up front, and keep my camera ready for the ensuing Wild Kingdom as Jared reestablishes dominance over Loki. Then I need to split the girls into big and little before Goldie manages to break Alys.

3. spinning. I still have the black alpaca from this summer on my wheel.

4. putting away my fiber stuff from the Christmas show preparation. I swore I would clean up and put that folding table away weeks ago. I need to organize and box and store the yarns 'n' fibers that are not currently being used.

... I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow...
Tags: angoras, yarn

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