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Jared and Loki in "discussion"

Jared and Loki discussing the new pecking order Jared and Loki discussing the new pecking order
This is a few minutes after Jared and Sancho were moved up to the front field. Jared had been sharing a fenceline with the girls up until this morning, so was still in rut. Loki's rut ended before Christmas, when the last of his girls was sent back to their home in Maryland.

Edited to add: Because Jared is still in rut, he has to be the biggest goat in the field, and prove it constantly. Loki is out of rut, no longer that interested in girls, and so isn't as interested in proving his manhood above all other males.

Another amusing fact was that whenever the sparring was getting to be too much for Loki, he came running back to me. He stood in front of me (rather than behind) but the impression was the same - Mommy, make him stop!

Tags: angoras

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