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Short notice shearing - Saturday morning

I came home after a looong day at work to find a message on my answering machine asking if I could move my shearing from Saturday to tomorrow. Um... what? I have a shearing date on Saturday? When did this happen?

What happened was that the lady coordinating shearing asked me for my availability a few weeks ago. I gave this Saturday as my preferred date. She communicated this to the shearer, but never confirmed with me. Since she is currently in the hospital for heart surgery I can certainly forgive the oversight. But man, is that a bit of a schedule shocker.

And my short answer to the shearer was "No." 1) I'm very shorthanded at work tomorrow and 2) we are expecting an ice/rain storm tomorrow. That's not shearing weather. Saturday is fine, thank you. (So he's showing up around 8 AM on Saturday morning. The joy!)

So now I'm off to go move all the goats into the big barn (in the dark!) and lock them up so that they don't get rained on tomorrow. I expect to have a barn full of rather pissed off goats tomorrow, and that Jared will go roaring back into full rut from smelling the girls a barn-wall away. ::sigh::

ETA: An hour, two bales of hay, 3 buckets of grain, 9 double-ended clips and a piece of fencing later, and all of the goats are now back in the big barn with their water buckets, food bowls, and a bale of hay for each side. (There is one girl side and one boy side.) The ungated exit on the right side of the boy's stall is blocked by a piece of fencing clipped to the barn wall by way of making a t-joint with double-ended clips. And just in case, if anyone gets out of their side of the barn, they will still have to contend with properly-closed gates and fences. (If it is still raining, the shearer will get to set up in the boy side of the barn.) I feel accomplished, and also very sore.
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