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Shearing time went well!

Shearing day went off really well today. The shearer is not only a nice guy, but did a nice job. There were some nicks and bumps, but nothing serious. There was definitely nothing like the year the guy [a different shearer] took a wedge out of Jared's back. The weather cooperated (almost 50 degrees and slightly sunny). The extra people helped both with rounding up the girls before shearing* and with recapturing Sashimi after she made a break for it just when it was her turn with the shearer. One of the other advantages of multiple people helping was that we could send two people off to raid the grocery store for lunch stuff while still having three people assisting the shearer.

I find it amusing that the goats insist on re-establishing herd hierarchy once they are sheared, as though they are suddenly new animals. I wonder if the grease from the shears changes their scent, or if it's all just a brain-reset function from the short-term trauma of being sheared.

* The girls didn't just rip the barn gate off of the hinges. They ripped the hinges off of the barn. Way to go, girls!


It's about a month until goat babies arrive. It's time to start thinking about names...
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