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Call for goat baby names

Reference: September 24th mixing report. Note that Dahlia appears to not have "caught."

It's time to start looking around for good goat names for this year's kid crop. Remember that your name suggestions must pass the Dennis Leary Pet Names Test, and must also sound good with "Grand Champion" in front of it.

For reference and inspiration, the names we have already used are here. We lean heavily towards names with book origins.

Due to Kaelikat's contribution, the suggested goat naming theme is "mice." I'm not wedded to it, but just sayin'... The suggestions added to the mouse list last night were Dumbo's mouse friend Timothy, Stuart [Little], and Ralph S. Mouse.

Children expected from:
* Crystal by Loki (hope for red, expect white and twins) - new breeding pairing.
* Goldie by Jared (hope for black or red, expect white and twins); previous kids: 3 white, 2 faded red.
* Jessie by Jared (hope for black, expect black and single); previous kids: 3 black, 1 white. She only had one set of twins, so I'll go with expectation of a single for her.
* Sashimi by Jared (hope for black with stripes, expect black and single): 3 black.

ETA: Yes! Bianca is a fantastic name for a white girl goat. Thanks, everyone.

Here are the previous names and colors:

Crystal by Loki (hope for red, expect white) - new breeding pairing, so have no predictions
Crystal by Jared, previous kids: Mica & Toby (grey, white), Justin & Opal (grey, white), Sybel & Creslin (both white)

Goldie by Jared, previous kids: Theo (white), Neall & Stella (white), Rae & Arthur (faded red)

Jessie by Jared, previous kids: Nylan (black, with horns), Jenna & Anna (white hornless, black hornless), Lerris (black hornless)

Sashimi by Jared, previous kids: Dru (black), Madison (black stripes), Ria (black stripes)
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