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goat tour for a teenage 4-H gent

On Saturday, I gave a quick tour and a long talk to a Maryland 4-H teenager and his parents about angora goats. The family has had goats before, so was more interested in the differences between milk and hair goats than the conformation, etc. I touched on the high points like the fact that my angoras don't jump fences (they low crawl instead) and they usually kid without needing help.

The mom was especially thrilled to find out that disbudding an angora was a disqualifying activity. She was traumatized by watching her nubian kids be disbudded by a veterinarian (and ended up adopting some to-be-killed cats in order to cheer herself up) and swore to never do that again. Angoras who naturally have horns are expected to keep them unless horn removal is necessary to rectify an injury. The horns are part of their temperature regulation system in the summer. As I mentioned here, the judges do check to make sure that goats are naturally hornless and not deliberately disbudded.

The teenage gent is really interested in getting a pair of doe kids and adopting Justin. I'd love to send Justin off to a good home, so that's exciting for me too. I did have to warn this gent that getting a pair of doe kids from me is probably not a good plan because
1. I may not want to sell any doe kids I get and
2. No doe kids from any mom on my farm would be breedable back to Justin.

And the family loved my goat camera system too. ::preen:: It's such a cool toy.
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