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Baby goat update

Jessie's kids Maggy and Kagan are a week old now. They are definitely rocking and rolling all over the yard, thankyouverymuch. They are at the running, jumping, climbing trees stage, though if they start tormenting squirrels with lipstick I'm outta here. (apologies to E. Izzard)

Sashimi's girl is still tall, still mostly quiet, and starting to socialize with Maggy and Kagan. Sashimi is of course too possessive to let her daughter out too long yet, but pretty soon the boundary will expand enough to let the other kids in to play.

Goldie's girls are doing ok. Now that they are cleaner, I know that I have a blond (faded red) and a white. I think that the white one with the leg problem is going to be ok in reasonable short order. She's down to just her right leg malfunctioning, and from our experience two years ago with Theo, I expect that it will barely slow her down by next week.

Crystal is rather placid about her still-pregnant state. I would love for her to kid tomorrow, but really don't mind if she gives Goldie a little more time to get her kids' acts together before becoming psycho queen goat mom from hell and trying to chase everyone out of the barn. I'm probably going to give up and set up a kidding pen for her just so she doesn't smack the other kids around in her overprotective overreaction to their presence.

Goldie's girls, day two Goldie's girls, day two
The one in the back is the blond. The one with the baby goo on her nose is the one with the bad back leg.
Goldie's girls, day two Goldie's girls, day two
The baby with the bad back leg (and the big iodine stain) is a real problem solver. She figured out that she can nurse better lying down anyway, so once she's crawled to her mom, she flops over and twists her head into position.
Maggy, one week later Maggy, one week later
I swear, Jessie has the cutest kids. I love Maggy's big piggy nose and the squared out ears.
Maggy and Kagan, one week old Maggy and Kagan, one week old
This is Saturday evening, one Saturday after these two were born. They are bounding around, running full tilt, and I even caught Kagan eating a leaf today. These kids are ready to rock!

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