a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

No new babies, but possibly a cat. And Goldie's girl is almost ok.

The physical therapy I've been doing on Goldie's daughter is paying off (I think). Or maybe just patience while she's growing and working things out is all I needed. Regardless, this evening the girls were exploring with their mom. I caught them up on top of the old barn-crud pile. The girl with the bad back leg (on the right) is starting to walk on the bottom of her right foot now, unless she's with her mom and forgets while nursing. Don't worry about their tail-down posture. That will be resolved in another day or two as they figure out the happy-baby-bounce.

Notice the very pregnant Crystal-goat in the background of the photo. She's the last of the pregnant does for this year... still waiting...

And while we are waiting on Crystal's babies, it appears we may have acquired a cat. This large orange (probably male) cat showed up again today in the goat yard. I talked to him three times, and eventually put out food on the side porch in the thought that if I disappeared he might approach the house. He was hungry but not ravenous, and talkative but VERY wary. I had to take this photo on full zoom through the door. The moment I opened the door he was history.

I have an "Are you missing an orange cat?" sign to post at the mailboxes tomorrow morning to see if he is a local stray.

Tags: angoras, animals, cats

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