a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Stray cat strut... or more precisely, "slink"

I didn't get any calls last night about our new orange friend. The cat did show up last night for dinner, and he was quite prompt about getting to breakfast this morning. He obviously knows that humans mean food, and that at this house he now has a bowl and a particular feeding location. Unfortunately, he is completely freaked out by my approach. He won't eat until I've gone all the way to the goats or all the way into the house.

This is quite a contrast to the last stray cat we had. Bonus basically jumped in front of us and demanded pettin' immediately. Bonus was pregnant, which might have added to her emotional requirements, but I think her starting attitude must have been very human-friendly.

And now that I've seen the orange cat more, I'm retracting my "not an outdoor cat" statement. He's incredibly furry underneath, with a huge fluffy tail. It's just his back that looks smooth in the pictures I took because of the angle and the stairs cutting off the view of his tummy. I took tons more photos yesterday, to get a better idea of his looks and his complete size. I'm guessing that he is all hair, and that there is probably not more than 12 lbs of actual cat in there. I'll try to post the pictures soon, for tamnonlinear and other stray cat experts to render their opinions.

... and I need to call the post office to see if anyone posted a Lost Cat flyer...
Tags: animals, cats

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