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From the journal of lives I don't lead: barn fires

I admit that I am a worrier sometimes about whether I'm a good goat owner. Are they healthy? Are they safe? Is the barn right? After Rae was killed last year, I went through some odd self-doubts, most of which had nothing to do with my basic belief that goats are goats, dogs are dogs, and fences aren't perfect.

If you were to ask me to name my top two concerns for my goats, dog attacks don't make the list. The number one, right at the top, wake-up-and-check worry for me is barn fires. Now that the big barn is electrified, I'm even more paranoid about it. Part of my reason for not having kidding pens this year was because I didn't want the goats locked up in the barn when I wasn't home. (Number 2 is fatal issues during the birthing process that kill the mom too.)

Sometimes during the rational parts of my day, I look at my worries about my goats and call myself silly. And then I get e-mails that remind me that just 'cause I'm paranoid doesn't mean no one is out to get me...

... Early Tuesday morning I awoke to our 1890 bank barn totally engulfed in flames. Twelve of our angoras perished in the fire. Six adult does, two were due to kid this week, 1 yearling doe and 5 4 week old kids. We are devastated and grieving terribly. They were all our babies! Not only did we lose the goats but we also lost everything in the two story barn... We had just put up 950 lbs of feed and several hundred bales of hay and straw....all gone. They believe it was arson from where it started but it could also have been the heat lamps...

I read things like this and wonder why the hell I expose my soul to such painful possibilities... then I look at the happy goat babies in the sun and remember the good things. But still, I don't ever want to lock up my animals in a wooden barn. Oh, god, don't even imagine it.
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