a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Running the risk with fancy clothes

I have sympathy with parents of small children, when said parents have to deal with those children after dressing for work. They run the risk of being covered in all sorts of staining and/or smelly substances.

I was leaving for work this morning when I realized that one of the blue plastic hay bale ties was lying on the ground in the boy field. Because this is a medical risk if the goats decide to eat it, I couldn't just leave it until tonight. So I stopped the car, backed down the driveway to the gate, and got out in all of my work finery to go retrieve that blue string. Of course the boys all mobbed the gate when I went up to it... I was betting on the fact that my hands were empty and the hay was over there to make them decide that shaking me down was not worth their while. I was right, which was a relief. Of course, that still doesn't help with the goaty goodness all over my work shoes. There is now a little patch of very mussed leaves and daffodils by the edge of the driveway...
Tags: angoras, animals

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