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Southern Maryland Celtic Festival

Don't Forget! Next Saturday is the Celtic Festival of Southern Maryland. The festival is scheduled on the last Saturday of April every year from 10 AM to 6 PM Rain or Shine on the 560-acre Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum.

The Line up for the Glen Stage is:
10-10:45am Letter of Marque
11-11:45am Darcy Nair with Craig Williams
12-12:45pm Ship's Company
1-1:45pm Pyrates Royale
2-2:45pm Ocean Quartet with Grace Griffith
3-3:45pm Maggie Sansone with Karen Ashbrook and Paul Oorts
4-4:45pm Don Stallone, Peter Brice and Friends
5-5:45pm Cathy Palmer and Family
Tags: chanty_sing, festivals

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