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Goat fleeces and breeding thoughts

Oddly, this didn't post at all, but showed up as a "restored draft" this morning.

This entry is probably going to be incredibly boring to most of you. Feel free to scroll along. Otherwise, feel free to click

I picked through and prepped my fleeces from January shearing to drop off at MDS&W (saves on shipping) and was reminded about some things.

Jessie's fleece is far superior to her sister's.

Justin's fleece at 2 years old is as coarse as Loki's is at 4.

Crystal and Sashimi have so little grease that it's hard to believe they are the same animal as Justin (Crystal's son) or Ria (Sashimi's daughter). Jared's genes really made a difference in hair type.

Mona's fleece is very similar to Anna's and Lerris's - my two favorite grey fleeces. Alys's 2-year-old fleece is lovely too. I think, in order of "hand" and qualitative fineness, the girls are ranked Anna, Alys, and Mona as all very similar, and trailing far behind is Dahlia. This amuses me, because I bought Dahlia for the reverse badger coloring and Mona was the afterthought. Which makes me wonder if I should breed Lerris to Mona this year. Since one of my goals in my breeding program is a to-die-for fleece, it seems a bit off for me to disqualify Lerris on account of his hornless status. I might have to abandon the strict recessive / dominant separations as well if I want Lerris's soft fleece passed onto the girls' kids. Yeah, I wasn't planning on having a hornless boy stand stud because he'll spend the rest of his life wishing he could be dominant, and never getting to be. But that fleece!

Jared: Sashimi, Jessie, Dahlia?
Loki: Alys, Mona?
Cookie: Anna
Lerris: Mona?, Dahlia?

Jared and Justin are my recessive black bucks. Justin has fabulous conformation as well as a great personality, but his fleece coarsened up so quickly that I'm not sure I want to pass that on.

Cookie is a definite dominant black, and Lerris is probably both due to his grandmother's (Jessie's mom's) black color mixed with Jared.

... And as a total aside, the creep feeder probably isn't keeping anyone under the age of 3 out of that food bowl. I've seen Anna, Ria and Alys all squeeze in there.

Tags: angoras, breeding

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