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Yarn order from Ozark (discussion)

I spoke with the Ozark Carding Mill lady, Gail White. She is a really good & understanding person, and so far has given me great customer service both in person at MDS&W and on the phone. Since she's had a chance to look at the fleeces, she had some suggestions and issues for discussion.

Our current discussion resulted in this as a game plan:

Yarn #1 - Lerris, Anna and alpaca. (minus Mona)
Yarn #2 - Cookie & Ria (no wool added! yay!) (minus Dahlia)
Yarn #3 - canceled on account of poor fleece quality (was Summer & Loki).

She rejected the Mona, Dahlia, Summer and Loki fleeces as having too much dandruff. (She calls them "scruffy fleeces" which tickles me for some reasons.) She offered to wash and pick those fleeces and send them back to me all clean and fluffy but uncarded. I agreed that was a fine plan, and it will set me up for any kind of choice at a later time. I'll probably end up sending them out to the miracle workers at Ohio Valley for roving, but we'll see. That's sometime at least six weeks from now.

This order should end up costing about $500.

Regarding the dandruff problem, Gail specifically recommended I switch to Cydectin as either a pour-on or a drench. ::shrug:: I think I'll ask the vet before I do that, though.
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