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Bye-bye baby goats; the new reign of Queen Sashimi

This weekend, Crystal, Goldie and Clara [no, actually that was Heidi] all left for their new home. I have buyers who are specifically/actively interested in Kagan & Maggy*, Giselle, and Julius**. For those playing the home game, that is all of the kids that I have for sale this year.

The ladies interested in Kagan/Maggy and Giselle are interested in me competing them in the show first just for kicks. Giselle will be picked up from the show on Sunday, and the Maggy/Kagan pair won't be picked up until mid-summer. And if the lady backs out for some reason, then I have an excuse to keep Kagan! Yay!

Why don't I keep Kagan in the first place? The short answer is because I have Jessie & Jared (his parents), Anna (his sister), and Lerris (his brother). He has nothing besides his yummy kid fleeces to offer that I don't already have or can make again next year. And somewhere I have to draw the line and sell some goats. If I don't, then I 1) can't breed for kids for next year and 2) can't cope with the chores load during the dead of winter.

My two biggest female "chow hounds" are gone (Crystal and Goldie), which not only lowers the resources demand by a great deal, but also remixes the dominance in my girl herd.

Sashimi is now in charge, with Jessie as the second in line. However, it got SO HOT right before Crystal and Goldie left that no one is fighting anyone right now for dominance or changes in status. Sashimi gets what she wants and the rest of the goats fall in line. It's an obvious and nearly rigid hierarchy right now, with Ria being the only wild card due to her association with Sashimi.

The pecking order (girl version) is almost by seniority, except for the first three. Summer is the oldest, then Jessie and Sashimi.
Sashimi (Giselle), Jessie (Maggy & Kagan), Summer, Anna, Dahlia/Mona, Alys, Ria, Heidi Clara, Julius, Ida.

I would be more worried about Ida being last except that Julius bands together with her when they are pushing into the food bowls, and the creep feeder has been re-done and set up to exclude even Ria***. I will be keeping an eye on her specifically, though, because I do not want to repeat the same mistake I made last year with Arthur and have her fail like that.

*Since I started this post, the lady interested in Maggy & Kagan has climbed onto the fence. She is suffering from a lack of fencing of some sort, which is an interesting reason coming from a woman who already has goats and alpacas. But hey, at least she's communicating with me. If she backs out, then I'll simply repost them as for sale. ETA: she's backed out.

**For the first time, I have someone who specifically wants a white boy from me. So of course for the first time since Loki's year, I don't have any white boys to sell. I gave this gent many recommendations for other breeders to contact, but he's fixated on Julius even though this kid isn't white. ::headshake::

*** CK drilled more holes and we added more posts to narrow the entryway down to the point that Kagan has trouble getting in. I figure that Kagan will self-exclude when he gets too big and that will leave more food for Julius and Ida. And when the rest of the kids are gone, Heidi Clara and Ida will be the remaining kids, and will have the creep feeder to themselves.
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