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Goat Show updates

Today was the judge's talk and the Goat 101 stuff (the veterinarian talk, the goat raiser talk, and the "ask the expert" roundtable) in the morning, followed by the white goat show in the afternoon. Well, ok, at least that was what the schedule said. Given that we changed judges to one with a full presentation on breeding, and had technical problems displaying the vet's presentation, the schedule ended up off by hours this time. And that was ok. We all rolled with it and ended up with the goat raiser and round table discussion after the white show in the afternoon. (We all knew the white show wasn't going to take nearly as much time as scheduled.)

I sat through yet another lecture on trimming goat toenails today, and I think it finally clicked. There was a guy selling show supplies, so I bought The Orange Trimmers (really, that's how everyone referred to them) to try doing toes yet again. And I did it right! This evening, M.S. held goats while I trimmed toes. J.F. was there to provide a few pointers while he worked on some of his goats. And I wasn't under any stress, rush, etc. For the baby goats, M.S. and I sat in chairs facing each other. She held the goat on her lap with the kid's head on her shoulder and butt on her lap, with all four feet pointed at me. For the adults, she sat next to the gate so the goats leaned into the gate. I sat facing the gate and picked each leg up into my lap to trim. The trimmers were sharp and worked very well. The sitting kept my back from getting so darn tired and the blood from rushing to my head from bending over. It was a very positive learning experience. And now I have freshly-trimmed toes for ten of my goats. It's all good.

Giselle-goat is off to her new home today. The lady had reserved Giselle from me, and one reverse badger doe kid from PA, then promptly impulse-bought two kid bucks from an Ohio farm. I've seen some other internal-to-us-all transactions already too, and I'm contemplating making a few purchases of my own. I want another redhead kid - though the two I most covet are of course not for sale - and I'm nigh-unto-committed to purchasing a white doe from PA for breeding some fleece improvements into my herd (better lock definition and fineness).

There is no drought around here, for sure. We had four thunderstorms come through today. Two of them were long and loud enough that we had to stop what we were doing while the rain pounded the metal show roof. I felt like I was in a Jamaica steel drum band's practice garage. The happy part is that, while humid, it has not been deathly hot this year. Yay for that. I'll deal with fuzzy hair over heat exhaustion any day.

Tomorrow is the colored goat show as well as packing up and leaving. Too soon! I wanna stay!

Also - in 24 hours I've had three people mistake J.F. as my husband. As I told J--, that's rather flattering (J.F. is a great guy), but I expect that his wife and my husband might have a few comments about that... ::grin::
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