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Goat show, day two

It rained for most of the show. While loud on that metal roof, it was also a glorious change from five years ago when I almost collapsed of heat stroke.

The colored goat show started late, ended early, and was a thorough experience regardless of timing. It was an educational experience for me. Mac Gilliat is a great judge, because he not only explains his reasoning both independently and as compared to the next goat in the standings, but he is also constantly emphasizing that what he is judging is the goat as it stands today, and that he could be completely wrong about how a kid is going to turn out next year.

As far as standings go, the only thing that I find significant is that the three doe goats that I put into the show last year as yearlings placed pretty well this year too. As yearlings, it was 2nd place Dahlia, 3rd place Mona, 4th place Anna. As adults, Mona took 1st place, Dahlia took 2nd place, and Anna placed 5th. Not shabby, especially since the judge really doesn't like Anna's (and Kagan's) flyaway hair. I'm satisfied, to be sure.

Kagan - 6/9
Ria - 5/9
Mona - 1/5, Dahlia - 2/5, Anna - 5/5
Julius - 1/1 (yeah, that's a dumb standing for me)
Clara - 1/4, Maggy 3/4, Ida 4/4
Breeder's flock - 4/4

Sure, some of those are poor standings in the absolute, but I did hear what I wanted to hear from the judge. My goats are healthy, and my kids are of comparable size this time around too. He admired how broad in the beam my girls are (breeder's hips), and the fineness of my kids' fleeces. ::nod:: I'm satisfied with it, and happy with my goats.

I purchased a heavily fleeced white doe from J.F. -- named Penny -- that I plan to put to Loki in order to work on improving fineness, consistency and lock structure in my reds. Unfortunately, this keeps me at a headcount of 20, when I need to be down to 15 by fall... sigh. ETA: The introduction of white-based fine hair was originally going to be Summer's job, before she struck out in the breeding lottery twice in a row. Penny is basically a genetic replacement (and improvement) for Summer when it comes to my breeding plans. Never fear, Summer is in no danger of being sold. She's third highest on the no-sell list, after Sancho and Loki.
Tags: angoras, breeding, sales, summer-goat, vagma

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