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Goat update with TMI on Sancho (abscess)

(I've had this in draft since Friday night. Bad me.)

Thursday evening Draakken came over and helped me goat-wrestle. We dewormed everyone but Sashimi and Anna (who I got on Friday morning) and toe-trimmed everyone who hadn't been taken care of at the show in June. The toe-trimming chore included ALL six of the boys (yes, Sancho too), Jessie, Summer and Alys.

Draakken was a brick. He helped hold, subdue, turn and joint-lock the goats so that I could get deworming and toe-trimming done without major threat to anyone's health. Toe trimming is not an easy task. Holding sharp objects and trying to cut the bottom of something that is kicking is no fun to do by myself. I have to give J.F. credit for his lessons at the show, though, because I'm getting way better at this now.

It was a good thing that Sancho was absolutely last in the lineup for his workover, because he had a big abscess on his neck that we got to take care of during the work. Note that Sancho is Wild Man on Campus, and required being sat upon to even get him to hold still for a moment. At one point, Draakken was sitting on Sancho and Sancho was crawling away with him. It was funny, but a bit tense too.

The abscess was not up at the lymph node, but rather right smack in the center length and center width of the right side of his neck. While Draakken held Sancho down, I opened up the abscess, drained it, then filled the hole with BlueKote (iodine).

Unlike Alys's abscess earlier this year, this one was solid yellow gunk. I dropped it on a leaf, then transferred it to a ziplock bag which I delivered to Warrenton Agricultural Labs for study on Friday. The reason that I am posting now is that the preliminary results came back with "mixed culture, no CL evidence." They are doing a more detailed test tonight, with results due tomorrow.

The abscess that Alys had was in relatively the same spot on her neck, though a bit lower toward the shoulder. Her abscess was full of liquid-n-crud. The lab results for her were negative for anything exciting too. The vet postulated that she got a thorn stuck in her neck, or maybe a really bad sting/bite that got infected. I'm hoping that we get the same inconclusive results on Sancho, because the conclusive ones are the scary-bad ones.
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