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Goat remix plan

Julius is my special boy for the summer. I don't want him going the way of Arthur from last year, so I really want to keep my eyes on him. The guy who indicated an interest in buying Julius has been so bad about contacting me that I'm giving up on him and reposting Julius as available. In the meantime, I'm going to pay extra attention to Julius to be sure he stays healthy.

To that end - I hope to segregate the girls and kids tonight so that the babies don't have to deal with the pushy adult girls anymore. The kids are outgrowing their creep feeder, but are definitely not ready to stand up to Sashimi or Jessie. My current plan for segregation is:

Left side - Sashimi, Jessie, Anna, Dahlia, Mona, Alys, Ria
Right side (kid side) - Summer, Penny, [Maggy, Kagan, Clara, Ida, Julius]

This mix may change if Ria is getting too much grief or Summer is dishing out too much to Penny. Since Crystal and Goldie went to their new farm, Summer has had a lot less trouble dealing with the adult girls, and is in turn really taking it to Penny in an aggressive way. I definitely want Penny away from the Dahlia-Mona duo. Ria seems to be doing just fine as the only yearling (besides Penny now) and her mom Sashimi seems to have mostly re-adopted her as a hang-out buddy just as Jessie and Anna are back in cahoots.

Current buddy system:

Sashimi & Ria
Jessie & Anna
Mona & Dahlia
Maggy & Kagan
Ida / Clara / Julius
Tags: angoras

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