a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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Goat update: Sancho's lab results, baby herd established

When it comes to goat keeping, sometimes it is a good idea to pursue goat TMI all the way to the doctor. Sancho's lab results came back as "light culture; mixed flora." Which, in plain speech, means he is fine and should probably stop rubbing on the fence. This is a good result. I like having independent confirmation that he is ok.... physically at least. I still won't claim sanity for him.

Last night we split up the goats. The fencing is rather... rigged* at the moment, but should hold up against unmotivated same-sex goats in the middle of the summer. The baby herd has Summer and Penny to keep them company. I caught Julius and gave him four swallows of goat start (molasses and other high-energy stuff) in the hopes of getting him back to fighting trim more quickly. I measured out about 30 ccs of the goop, and he probably swallowed 15-20 ccs of it.

*Where "rigged" is a polite term for "pieces of no-longer-straight cattle panel mashed together between concrete blocks."
Tags: angoras, vet_visits

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