a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

anemic baby goat

This is now the end of week two of Julius being a dead goat walking. His eyelids are still white, and he is still walking and talking and eating pretty normally. He doesn't have extra energy to bounce and run, but he is still standing.

Two weeks ago he was dewormed with Dectomax.
One week ago he was dewormed with Valbazin.
One week ago I began "Red Cell" treatments and adding Probios to his feed.
He has been on rumensin-medicated feed since he was born, and also had two rounds of Corid (one week each) over the spring/summer.

Fecal samples are not turning up any major parasite loads. He has no other symptoms besides anemia and it's corresponding lack of energy.

Today, the vet mentioned Bracken Fern is toxic in great quantity. Julius can't get to the bracken fern, but that did lead me down the same path that the Corid does - a vitamin B deficiency. That is going to be my next path of investigation.

Tags: angoras, vet_visits

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