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anemic baby goat

This is now the end of week three of Julius being a dead goat walking. His eyelids are still white, and he is still walking and talking and eating pretty normally. He doesn't have extra energy to bounce and run, but he is still standing. I don't know whether to hope for a recovery, or just one good shearing before he succumbs.

I called the vet again this morning to give my weekly report about my not-dead goat. I asked the office staff lady to please pass on the message that my goal now is to get Julius to gain weight. He has no reserves (hence no energy), and if he's going to stay this way through shearing, then I want some fat on his bones so that going hairless doesn't shock him to death. (The goat-list people recommended shredded beet pulp that has been partially rehydrated in plain water.)

Three weeks ago he was dewormed with Dectomax.
Two weeks ago he was dewormed with Valbazin.
Two weeks ago I began "Red Cell" treatments and adding Probios to his feed. I am still doing that daily.
One week ago I started another round of Corid. (He has been on rumensin-medicated feed since he was born, and also had two rounds of Corid (one week each) over the spring/summer.)

ETA: On Thursday night we did goat wrangling to check out everyone in the pasture and see how badly the summer was wearing on them. Julius is starting to show just the tiniest bit of color in his eyelids! I've got the tiniest bit more hope!
Tags: angoras, vet_visits

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