a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

It's naked-goat time again

We sheared goats on Saturday. The shearer was about six hours late, but the weather held for us. It was about 85 degrees with light humidity - unheard of at this time of year in this part of Virginia!

The goats are all in pretty good shape. A few of the heavier-fleeced boys has more lice than makes me happy, but no one was at the danger point. Everyone including my sick little boy Julius had reasonable condition, though Loki and Sashimi are bordering on fat. Sashimi put up a real fight during shearing, attempting even to bite the shearer. Justin hollered like a two-year-old's tantrum the entire time.

Two people showed up to help. K. made sure the bags were labeled and helped shovel fleeces into the bags. Gsh made sure the gate closed behind whomever was goat-wrestling and provided so fetch-n-carry assistance. All in all, it went VERY smoothly, with only a few nicks and scrapes, and no major issues catching or moving any of the goats. It was a good afternoon.

This seems to happen to me every six months or so - I get stuck trying to decide what I should do with all of these fleeces! I can get roving and/or yarn made. I can have it dyed or left in the natural colors. I can blend or have 100% whatevers...
Tags: angoras, sales

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