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I know really great fiber people

I have received really nice responses to my post about too much roving.

Many things are claimed and sold. I didn't even list the dyed rovings on my LJ, and I'm down to the last 8 ounces of one colorway. The plain rovings and raw fleeces are walking out the door at a steady pace too.

Everything in this list is natural color and is 100% mohair.

Plain roving from last year's shearings

Alys, yearling - light apricot - $2/oz
Anna, yearling - heathered grey/tan - $2/oz
Madison, yearling - light heathered grey - $2/oz (sold half)

Raw Fleeces (goat photos are here: http://giantcricketfarm.gaean.net/AngoraGoats.htm)

Three white kid fleeces - will be under one pound each. $10 per fleece
Yearling fleeces $15 / lb
Ria - grey and white
Lerris - grey with sunburned tips
Cookie - grey with a speckle of white
Two year olds, $12 / lb
Mona - grey
Anna - grey with sunburned tips
Dahlia - grey and white
Alys - apricot tan
Justin - white with black flecks
Adults, $8 / lb
Sashimi - grey and white
Jessie - apricot tan
Summer - white
Loki - apricot tan
Jared - grey

Thanks for looking!
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