a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Boys will be... destructive

Remember this from last year? Well, Loki and Jared are at it again.

We just had new real 4-board wooden fencing put into the back pasture to make the left/right division permanent. Because it wasn't time to divide anyone, I pulled the gate wide between the two pastures so that the boys get back and forth. Well, somehow the boys closed the gate with Jared on one side and Loki on the other. Those two spend all of yesterday beating on the gate "at" each other. One of the round metal bars across the gate is now squashed as flat as the up-front gate where Puck-dog teethed on it for five years. Additionally, the boys (and this time I blame Sancho too) managed to knock two fence boards off of the fence. Yes, the boards were only held on by nails. We are discussing lag bolts as replacement fasteners. But first, I have to talk to the fencing guy, because the entire line of posts is loose in the ground now.

In summary: testosterone literally causes boys to beat their heads against the wall. And the fence. And the gate. And the old dogloo. And anything else that makes interesting noise.
Tags: angoras

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