a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Goats and dog and fences oh my

This morning, there were three fields separated by single fences between each shared border. From left to right, in the three fields there were Jared/Sancho/Cookie (goats), Joy-dog, and then Lerris and Loki goats.

This evening when I got home, there were two and a half pastures separated by a solid fence between the left and center pastures, and a rather bent and no-longer-attached piece of fence between the center and right fields. From left to right, in the two-plus fields there were Jared/Sancho/Cookie, Lerris, and Joy-dog and Loki-goat.

Right. Suffice to say that when I saw goat eyes where dog eyes should be, I got a bit hyper. However, I'm happy to report that the only damage that I could find was to the fence.

We have figured out the balance of power here, with adult animals rather than kids. A nine year old mastiff and a four year, old fully-armed (solid horns) buck goat have demonstrated under field conditions (ha ha) that they can come to an understanding that does not involve serious harm to either one of the animals.

Regardless of Loki's armament, it's to be noted that Lerris is lacking any horns at all, and is far more likely to run at the slightest excuse. While I can't prove that he was chased, I can tell you that Joy-dog had an exhausting good time today. She was so tired she barely got to her feet to stagger back to the house, and there she decided that she was too tired to come up the front porch stairs. She's bedded down for the night on the front walk with a bone and her water bowl.
Tags: angoras, animals, dogs

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